Mini-Course: Preparing for School-Entry


2 - Preparing Your Child for School-Entry

Understanding the cochlear implant

Depending upon age and readiness, you can teach your child to do certain cochlear implant-related tasks. This may help your child become more comfortable with the cochlear implant, which may lead to a feeling of empowerment and control over one's life.  

We list the tasks below from simple to more complex:
  • Replace the transmitter/headpiece if it falls off
  • Put the microphone back over the ear if it drops off
  • Tell an adult when the cochlear implant is not working properly
  • Know the names of the different parts of the cochlear implant
  • Know to avoid plastic slides because of static
  • Know to keep the cochlear implant dry
  • Turn processor on/off
  • Replace batteries
  • Adjust settings on the cochlear implant, depending upon the noise in the environment
  • Adjust settings on an FM system

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