Mini-Course: Preparing for School-Entry


1 - Gathering Information for School-Entry

Gather information from your child

Even though your child is young, he or she may be able to provide a great deal of information about what he or she needs to succeed in a mainstream classroom. Take the time to speak with your child about his or her needs for, and possible apprehension about, the entering a mainstream classroom.

Below we provide questions to guide your discussion with your child.
  • What does your child look forward to about school?
  • What are your child's apprehensions about going to school?
    • What can you do to prepare for or help prevent these situations?
    • What support can you request from the school to prepare for or prevent these situations?
  • What are your child's greatest strengths?
    • What skills or attributes does your child have that contribute to success in school?
  • What are your child's biggest learning challenges?

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