The Five-Step Plan

The Five-Step Plan presents a list of steps to complete in order to prepare for your child's entry into a mainstream classroom. We recommend following the Five-Step Plan if you are just beginning your school-entry preparation. The five steps are:

Step One-Gather information: The first step is to gather information about your child and his or her future school.

Step Two-Help your child prepare for the transition: The second step discusses ways to build your child's social and self-advocacy skills, including the ability to ask questions, share information, and talk about his or her needs and rights with confidence and clarity.

Step Three-Secure appropriate accommodations for your child: The third step provides strategies to help you prepare for, and conduct, meetings with school officials to secure proper accommodations for your child. 

Step Four-Organize school supplies and final preparation: The fourth step provides suggestions for final preparations you should make before your child's first day of school, including what supplies to give to the school.

Step Five-Review your child's progress: The fifth step provides tips for reviewing and potentially refining strategies used with your child throughout the school year. We also emphasize the importance of consistent communication with your child's teacher.

Below is a suggested timeline for the completion of the five steps. It should be noted that this is merely a suggested timeline, as some families may need to allot more or less time given their specific situations.

click here.jpgIf you would like to follow the Five-Step Plan, review the mini-courses and related information sheets in the following order:

Step 1
Mini-course 1: Gathering information for school-entry
This mini-course describes the information you should collect from others and share with your child's school prior to the start of the school year.

Step 2
Mini-course 2: Preparing your child for school-entry
This mini-course describes strategies to help you assist your child with the development of self-advocacy and social skills.

Step 3
Mini-course 3: Working with the school
This mini-course explains how to work with school officials to establish an Individualized Education Plan or Section 504 plan, and how to prepare for your initial meetings with school officials and your child's future teacher.

Step 4
Mini-course 4: Final preparation for school-entry
This mini-course provides information to help you complete follow-up and last-minute tasks to ensure a more successful transition for your child.

Step 5
Mini-course 5: Contingency plan
This mini-course outlines what you can do if you encounter a challenge with your child's teacher during or after the mainstreaming process.

Mini-courses 6: Review your child's progress
This mini-course provides information about setting up classroom visits, conducting informative observations, and assessing the learning environment.