Mini-Course: After School-Entry


8 - Social Integration of a Child with a Cochlear Implant

Explain cochlear implants to your students (continued)

It may help if you create a script for yourself to follow when you explain cochlear implants to your students. Examine the sample below for ideas.

One of our students, [name], is deaf. That means s/he can't hear the same way you and I do. [Name] has a special tool, called a cochlear implant. S/he wears the cochlear implant on his/her head to help him/her hear. [Name] can do the same things you and I can do, but needs a little extra help hearing sometimes. That means s/he needs to sit in the front of the classroom. [Also mention if you're using an FM system or any other accommodations that single out the child with the cochlear implant]. Does anyone have any questions about [name's] cochlear implant?
Continue to build on a child's natural proclivity to accept others by discussing diversity in your classroom. Reinforce students who show strong character and demonstrate helpfulness to the child with a cochlear implant. Reinforce a classroom rule of no name-calling, teasing, and/or bullying with any students.

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