Mini-Course: After School-Entry


9 - Review the Progress of Your Student with a Cochlear Implant

Record your preliminary strategy

Write down details about the preliminary strategy, including the date you first implemented it. We recommend that you use a specific notebook for your record keeping. Keep the notebook on your desk for easy recording and review.

You learn from the parents that your student has a particular challenge with classroom transitions. As a result, you create a preliminary strategy to assign a buddy to the child with a cochlear implant who will assist during transitions. More specifically, you ask Trisha, the buddy, to signal Dan, the child with a cochlear implant, when you provide the class with verbal instructions to begin a new activity. Trisha will tap Dan on the shoulder, lean in, and provide verbal instructions to him about the next task.

You implement the strategy on September 15, and record the preliminary strategy in your notebook, including the instructions you gave Trisha and Dan.

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