The CI School Toolkit: Information, tips, and strategies to welcome a child with a cochlear implant into a mainstream classroom.

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As with all children, readying a child with a cochlear implant for entry into a mainstream classroom requires a lot of preparation.

The Parents section provides information to help prepare your child, the school, and yourself for your child’s entry into a mainstream classroom.

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A child with a cochlear implant is just like any other child in your class, but with a unique set of strengths and challenges.

The Teachers section provides information, tips, and strategies to help you and the child succeed.

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Your five senses are the key to understanding the world around you. But what happens if you lose your sense of hearing? Cochlear implants, or CIs, are cool devices that some people need to be able to hear.

Check out our Games Gallery to learn more about CIs and your five senses.

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