Games Gallery

We use our five sense every day, in everything we do. Explore your sense of sight, sound, and smell by playing the games below.

SoundSnatchericon 2011 0811.jpgSound Snatcher
The Sound Snatcher is on the loose and stealing sounds. Help us track him down by matching the stolen sounds with their rightful owners.

NoseDefendericon_small 2011 0811.jpgNose Defender
Help the Nose Defender keep bad smells out of the nose while letting the good smells in.

EarMazeicon_small 2011 0811.jpgEar Maze
Some ears hear on their own. Other ears can only hear with help from a special device called a "cochlear implant", or CI. Complete the mazes to learn how sound travels from outside the ear to your brain in an ear that hears on its own and in an ear that uses a CI.

BillytheBeavericon_small 2011 0811.jpgBilly the Beaver
Billy the beaver is very picky. Help him build the dam of his dreams by sorting through different objects he finds in the river and choosing the pieces that Billy likes.