Mini-Course: Preparing for School-Entry


5 - Arranging Your Classroom for a Student with a Cochlear Implant

Improving the acoustics in your classroom

There are some simple modifications you can make in your classroom to dampen sounds. For example:
  • Put carpets, rugs, or mats on floors. Try to cover two-thirds of the floor with rugs, mats, or other creative sound-dampening objects. Reducing the amount of uncovered hard surfaces in the classroom will reduce echoing and make hearing easier.
  • Cut tennis balls in half or use padding to cover all chair feet. The scrape of chairs being pulled back or pushed forward is noisy.
  • Use window coverings. Glass panes are hard surfaces that bounce sound and make hearing more challenging, so place curtains, blinds, or panels on windows to improve the acoustics in the classroom.
  • Cover the walls. Use acoustic tiles, panels, or even large felt or cloth wall coverings, which can be used for posting artwork and classroom messages, to lessen echo in your classroom.

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