Mini-Course: Preparing for School-Entry


5 - Arranging Your Classroom for a Student with a Cochlear Implant

Reducing background noise

The classroom can be a noisy place. Some ways to reduce background noise include:
  • Remove bubbling fish tanks or water features in the classroom. They create noise that detracts from the sound of your voice and other important sounds in the classroom.
  • Be aware of when the sink is in use. Sinks can create a lot of background noise when in use. Try not to give important directions while the sink is in use.
  • Keep doors and windows closed. Hallways, playgrounds, and cafeterias are noisy areas in schools. Close the doors and windows of your classroom to reduce outside noise.
  • Ask others in the class to minimize conversation. While you are teaching, be mindful of noise made by other teachers or aides in your classroom who may be preparing for another lesson.

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