Mini-Course: Challenging Situations


5 - Contingency Plan

Tips when trying to overcome difficulty with your child's teacher

It is important that you communicate with the teacher and the school if you believe your child's needs are not being met. Below and on the next page we list tips to keep in mind when trying to overcome any difficulty with your child's teacher.
  • Your first priority is ensuring your child's educational success. The teacher shares this priority, but he or she is often responsible for twenty or more children! Remember that you are both on the same team working toward the same goal.
  • Remind the teacher to ask you for information and assistance with the cochlear implant and your child's accommodations. Provide the names of other specialists to the teacher as a resource.
  • Try to brainstorm solutions with other parents of children with cochlear implants or with your child's educational team. Other supportive people in your life may also offer helpful perspectives. You don't have to handle every challenge yourself. 

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