Mini-Course: Preparing for School-Entry


2 - Preparing Your Child for School-Entry

Set up play dates for your child

Starting at a new school can be a daunting prospect for your child, particularly if he or she does not know any classmates.

Email or call one or two families, and ask if they would be willing to set up a time to have your children meet and play together for a little while. You can ask the school principal to make an introduction to a family, if necessary.
  • Mention to the classmate's parents that your child has a cochlear implant, which is used to "hear."
  • Ask the parent about their child's interests, and suggest getting together to do something that both children will enjoy, such as going out for ice cream, or meeting at your house.
  • Avoid suggesting crowded venues that will make it hard for your child to hear, and do not suggest swimming since your child will not be able to wear the cochlear implant in the pool.
Even a one-hour play date with new friends can make your child look forward to starting school.

Watch the video below to hear how a real parent of a child with a cochlear implant helped her daughter socialize.

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