Mini-Course: After School-Entry


6 - Review Your Child's Progress

Acoustics in the room

The ideal classroom will have characteristics that make hearing easier by reducing background noise and reverberations.

Note the following during your visit:
  • Is at least two-thirds of the floor covered with carpet?
  • Do chairs on hard floor surfaces have tennis balls on their feet?
  • Do the windows close? Are there drapes over the windows?
  • Does the door to the hallway close?
  • Do the overhead lights use fluorescent bulbs? These can emit a "hum" that most people can tune out but that can be very distracting to a child with a cochlear implant.
  • How loud is the sound of the heating/air conditioning system? Can the fan be turned down or off during the class if necessary?
  • What other equipment makes ambient noise in the classroom? This can include fish tanks, water bubblers, sinks, computers, or other pieces of machinery that "hum" or use automated fans to keep cool.
To see these classroom accommodations in a real classroom, watch the video below.

Don't have Quicktime? Download it here.

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