Mini-Course: After School-Entry


6 - Review Your Child's Progress

Teacher techniques

When observing your child's classroom, look for simple techniques that the teacher uses to support your child. Simple techniques that the teacher may use to support your child include: 
  • Repeating back the questions asked by a classmate during class discussions. If the classmate's back is toward your child, he or she may not hear what was said.
  • Repeating announcements made over the loudspeaker. These can be difficult to understand and other students may continue talking while the announcement is being made. Ensure that everyone understands what was said by repeating the announcement to the class.
  • Giving a cue or signal to the class when important announcements or instructions are about to be given. This alerts students that they need to stop talking and pay close attention to what the teacher is about to say.
  • Implementing a "no interrupting" rule. Every student should understand that only one person gets to speak at a time.
  • Having a posted schedule that can be used as an overview of the day's activities and to signal transitions between activities.

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