Mini-Course: After School-Entry


6 - Review Your Child's Progress

After your visit

Once you have completed your observation, find time to talk to the teacher privately about what you observed. Keep in mind that you and the teacher are partners in your child's educational success. We list tips for how to conduct this conversation below.
  • Be sure to mention things that you noticed are going well in addition to trouble spots.
  • Present your feedback constructively, using phrases such as "I wonder if we could try" or "One thing I noticed is".
  • Use a tone of respect when discussing suggested improvements and ask for the teacher's input.
  • Thank the teacher for allowing you to visit and observe the classroom, for the accommodations that are already in place, and for his or her willingness to make additional changes to support your child.
For an at-a-glance summary of the information provided in this mini-course, please see the Visiting and observing my child's classroom information sheet.

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