Mini-Course: Preparing for School-Entry


3 - Working with the School

Tips for presenting at this meeting

The presentation is a great opportunity for you to explain cochlear implants to your child's school and to describe your child's strengths and challenges. Below and on the next page we list tips to help you prepare for the IEP or Section 504 meeting with the school.
  • You may want to bring visual aids to the meeting. For example, bring a set of your child's cochlear implant equipment to pass around. Bring pictures of your child before and after the cochlear implant surgery, or wearing the equipment.
  • Practice your presentation so you're comfortable with the information and can stay within the allotted time. You definitely want to leave time for questions, so don't go over!
  • Think about the tone you use in presenting the information. Try to stay open, positive, and optimistic to establishing a strong relationship with the school. Answer questions as honestly as you can--and remember, if you don't know the answer, you can respond with one after the meeting.

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